Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of classes to meet your needs and we encourage you to find options that inspire, challenge and feel good to you. If you need any assistance, please feel free to ask. Our instructors encourage each participant listen to your body and have fun! Since we believe that individuals of all ages can benefit from yoga, we allow older children to join our adult classes, if parents feel it is suitable.

Adult Yoga

Adult yoga classes are suited for all experience levels.

Open Level Flow

Suitable for beginners and all levels. In these classes, we link a series of poses together using our breath, and each participant is encouraged to go at his or her own pace, depending on fitness level and individual needs. We offer modifications (for beginners) and challenges (for more advanced yogis) to each flow series, in an effort to meet the needs of all individuals in the class. Our classes focus on relaxation, strengthening muscles, spinal alignment and increasing flexibility.

Yoga Basics

This is a class for those who are new to yoga or for those who just wish to cultivate a sense of ease in the body. We will ground and stabilize your body with some fundamental yoga poses (asanas), an introduction to breath work, and attention to proper alignment. In doing so, we hope to take time to enjoy what your body can do: move around, focus your attention, and breathe! 

Yoga Foundations

This alignment focused class embodies the ideas and principles of B.K.S. Iyengar. This class offers a deeper look into the positioning of the body in each posture, with longer holds and a strong focus on the breath. Honing in one’s attention into the seemingly insignificant elements of each posture helps us to understand each part of the body and how it functions together as a whole. Dive into postures with confidence and security with the help of your instructor, props, and adjustments.

Intergrative Hatha Flow

This Sunday morning class dives deep into the tension held in the body to release and expand. Hatha inspired, this slow flow class incorporates Vinyasa, Kundalini, and deep breathing techniques to achieve a state of relief and ease in the body and mind.

Restorative Yoga

This class begins with a gentle warm-up to get the spine moving. The rest of the poses practiced are passive & fully supported with props, such as blocks, blankets, and bolsters. The aim is to help facilitate release of habitually held tension and encourage deep bodily relaxation through focus on the breath. This is an ideal class for anyone who feels overwhelmed with stress, insomnia, or chronic pain. It’s also a wonderful balance to a more active yoga practice. Open to all levels.

Slow Flow Vinyasa

Connect movement to breath as you work to balance stability & flexibility in the body in this more meditative version of a flow class. Some of the poses in this class will be held longer in order to find focus, maintain a consistent breathing practice, and build body awareness. Some yoga experience recommended.

Sunrise Flow

Begin your day by connecting with your breath and body to find a solid grounding from which the rest of your day will flow. In this all-levels class we bring movement to the body after a night’s rest to find space and fluidity. We flow through traditional yoga postures and find specific parts of the body to work on to relieve tension, find strength and flexibility, and ultimately achieve balance throughout the body. This class introduces breathing techniques and meditation to enhance one’s practice. All experience levels and body types are welcome in this early morning class. 

Prenatal Yoga

Prentatal Yoga

We offer mothers a quiet place to turn their focus inward and bond with their child, while strengthening their bodies and utilizing the breath (preparing for birth). Research shows many benefits of participating in prenatal yoga, both for mom and baby, including increased comfort, decrease in premature births, and improved health for both mom and baby.  These classes offer women time to be comfortable with the changes in their bodies and bond with other expectant mothers. This class is suitable for women who have prior yoga experience, as well as beginners. Women can participate as early or as late in pregnancy as desired, depending on comfort level. Nora also offers private couple’s prenatal sessions and periodic group classes for both mom and partner.

Kids & Teen Yoga

Kids Yoga (Ages 3 – 9)

Let your child’s yoga dance, wiggle, giggle, hop, skip & sing! It all begins at the sound of the singing bowl, ding!  We will flow and dance in and out of poses, create yoga obstacle courses, play partner yoga games, engage in scarf play and breathing techniques, and create art such as mandalas. *Mini face massage or back rub offered at each final resting pose.

Little Yogi & Me (Best suited for ages 2 – 5, younger and older yogis welcome)

Come join the fun, with story time yoga for you and your young! Wiggle and giggle with your little yogi as we explore breathing techniques and yoga postures through stories, rhymes, and music. Your young yogis are given the opportunity to take a ride through their imagination and co-create each class. This empowers your child by giving them the choice to voice his or her creativity. Your little ones are off exploring and learning at every new turn with their new walking skills; come explore their imagination and creativity with them! *For parents and all caregivers alike. No yoga experience necessary! *A mini face massage is offered at each savasana.

Happy Baby & Me Yoga

Parents, come enjoy the presence of your new little love, and treat yourself to this relaxing and supportive environment to ease tension in your body–you deserve it! Along with stretching your body, each class will devote time to gentle, hands-on yoga and massage for babies, aiding in digestion and promoting the sleep-wake cycle. Bonding postures, playful rhymes and songs, and breathing techniques are explored. *This is open to Mothers, Fathers, and all Caregivers alike. No yoga experience necessary! *A mini face massage is offered at each savasana.

Inner Power Hour (ages 8 and up)

You can never be any more perfect than you are right here, in this very moment. Females, this is your hour to relax and rejuvenate and remember your worth through this gentle and calming class. This is a great class to take as a Mother/Daughter pair (Grandmothers & Aunts included!), to come with your gal friends, or to come alone and meet new friends! Each class will have warm herbal tea awaiting you paired with chocolate. *A mini face massage will be offered during savasana. No yoga experience necessary!

Female Tween/Teen Yoga

Ladies, I invite you to come rock your inner beauty, come rock your awesomeness. Treat your body and mind to an hour of self-love, care, and kindness. This specialized yoga class provides a safe, non-competitive place for tweens and teens to work with their bodies and their emotions, and de-stress from the whirlwind of demands and stressors in their life. *A mini face massage offered at each final resting pose. No yoga experience necessary!

Family Yoga (Best suited forcargivers & kids ages 3-9, babies & tweens/teens welcome)

Come join the fun–yoga for you and all of your young! Wiggle and giggle with your little yogi(s) as we explore breathing techniques and yoga postures through stories, rhymes, and music. We will incorporate partner poses, dance, stories, and move our way through yoga obstacle courses. *A mini face massage is offered at each savasana. No yoga experience necessary!

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