Restorative Yoga: Deep Rest
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 7:30 – 8:45 PM

Upcoming Dates: 11/20,  12/18

Restorative yoga is a dance between the body and mind. It aims to encourage stimulation of the parasympathetic (“rest & digest”) nervous system. In this class, your body will be supported by props in a variety of yoga poses. As the muscles begin to sense this support and relax, they communicate to the brain. As the brain picks up this signal that the muscles are relaxing, the brain begins to do the same. It creates a beautiful feedback loop to encourage calm.

Restorative yoga offers you time to slow down and to be with yourself as you are in the moment. You’ll find both physical support from the props and a feeling of emotional support from being taken care of. With time, patience, and practice, this can lead to a sense of deep rest.

*Limited to 6 students/class