Flower City Yoga is located in the heart of Irondequoit, between I-Square & House of Guitars. Our mission is to create a space for students to come home to, where they can explore body and mind without judgment or fear. We are a small, humble studio, where we provide personal care to each of our students and value the relationships we build together. We hope to share the practice of yoga with anyone who is interested, regardless of age, gender, or body type.

Although yoga is considered a timeless practice, it changes as those who practice it change. It is as dynamic as we are. What remains constant is our aim to guide our students towards wellness & balance, cultivating relaxation & a sense of exploration in what can be a very personal practice.

All of our classes encourage participants to slow down and be mindful of how each movement and pose feels, rather than rushing through the practice. What we do on our mats, influences the rest of our life. By allowing ourselves to slow down within our practice, we can take this mindfulness into the rest of lives, leading to improved focus, more meaningful relationships and a better quality of life.

The only thing yoga requires of you is your breath, your focus, and the openness to explore the range of motion in YOUR body. You don’t have to start out being flexible or strong, although you may find you are more of both as you continue to practice. We offer a variety of classes for adults and children of all ages; the whole family is welcome to join!


Studio Info & Policies:

The front door opens right into the studio space. Please take off your shoes and place them on the shoe tray to the right of the front door before setting up your mat. Please remember to turn off your cell phone before you put it away. You’re welcome to hang up your bag, coat, or anything else on the coat rack above the shoe tray, or just set your things down on the window seat. This will help keep the studio space clear of clutter so you can move around!

There are 15 minutes in between most classes. Class starts right at the time listed on the schedule so please arrive at least 5 minutes early, if possible, so you can get settled in before we begin. If you arrive and there is another class in session, please wait until the class lets out to enter the studio. If it’s your first time coming to the studio, be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork and get settled in. If you are late to class, please enter the studio quietly so as not to disrupt the other students.

Most of our classes are open to all experience levels, and each instructor is equipped with the know-how to assist and support students to ensure their safety and security throughout the practice. Please go to the Class Description page on the site to learn more about the variety of classes we offer. We welcome students ages 12 & up to attend adult classes, if parents feel it is appropriate.

We are entering into cold and flu season and in an effort to keep our studio a healthy place for all bodies, we ask that if you are feeling sick, you refrain from coming to class until you are on the mend. We appreciate your understanding.

If you’re anxious about trying yoga for the first time, that’s ok! We aim to welcome you warmly and hope to assist and support you throughout your practice, whether it’s your very first class or you’ve been practicing for years. We encourage you to ask us questions, to listen to your inner teacher (your intuition, your body), and to have fun!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a yoga class like?

A yoga class looks much like any other type of group class that involves movement. An instructor will lead you through the yoga poses (asanas), giving both verbal alignment cues and visual demonstrations. One of the cool things about yoga is that it not only focuses on moving through physical poses, it also encourages attention to the breath (pranayama) and introduces students to meditation. These elements of the practice offer a unique opportunity to slow down and de-stress in the midst of our busy lives.

What should I wear & what should I bring with me to class?

When coming to class, wearing some kind of exercise clothing is a good idea: Really whatever type of clothing you feel comfortable moving in. We suggest you bring your own mat with you. If you don’t have one yet, or happen to forget yours, we have extras at the studio for your use. We also have a donation jar on the tea cart so we can keep supplying you with quality mats and props, as they get used frequently. We recommend you bring a water bottle to class. We have a water pitcher and glasses available if you’ve forgotten to bring your own. Please ask for water, or help yourself if the pitcher is already on the tea cart!

Do you allow drop-ins?

Yes, we do. You are not required to purchase a class pass or drop-in pass before you come to the studio. However, we recommend that you go to the online scheduler and register ahead of time to save your spot in class. If you do so and find you can’t make it to class, please contact the instructor who is leading the class so you don’t lose your credit and so another student can take your place. 

Where should I park?

Parking is available in the lot in front of Flower City and in the I-Square lot adjacent to Hair Extraordinaire. If there’s no available space there, you may also park in the bigger lot at I-Square if there is room, or in the church or Chase Bank lot across the street after hours.