Body Love for Body Lovers Workshop
with Brianna McInerney

Do you love deepening your mind/body connection? 

Would you love more ways to move, stretch, and nourish your body… by yourself, at home… to maintain a body you love & meet your physical goals without limiting yourself or stressing about it?

This workshop is for you. 

We’ll be engaging our whole body from head to toe for personal exploration & playful movement, creating space for you to know yourself on a whole new level. We’ll be discussing strategies for healthy living that feel really good on every level – no harsh self-punishment required. 

You’ll leave feeling free to be yourself… safe & at home in your skin… with a set of stretches, movements, and awarenesses that’ll support your physical & energetic alignment consistently moving forward.

We’ll come together at Flower City Yoga in Irondequoit. Space is very limited – be sure to register soon if you plan to join us! Can’t wait to see you there. 🙂

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