Childbirth Education & Prenatal Yoga

Begins September 11

Tuesdays 5:00-7:00pm

(Childbirth Education 5-6pm, Prenatal Yoga 6-7pm)

Flower City Yoga and Team Doula (3 amazing childbirth educators and doulas) are partnering to bring expectant mothers and soon-to-be parents a very special offering; Childbirth Education & Prenatal Yoga all in one place. This series will run for 10 weeks, starting September 11. We will begin each week with an hour of childbirth education and follow that with an hourlong prenatal yoga practice for mamas-to be. This is the perfect way to prepare your mind and body for the best birth possible.

We offer a unique a-la-carte format, where the class topics will be posted ahead of time, and you can choose which classes resonate most with you, or you can take all ten. We are a team of expert birth practitioners who are passionate about supporting women through pregnancy, delivery, and beyond.


Week 1- 9/11

How does the body prepare for labor? What are the signs that you are in labor? Are there different ways to know you are closer to meeting your baby? What are the stages of labor?

Week 2- 9/18

Early labor simulation: What does it look like, sound like, feel like? Where should I be? What should I be doing? Can I still help my labor progress if I’m confined to a labor bed?

Week 3- 9/25

Active labor simulation: What does it look like, sound like, feel like? What are positions and movements that can help my labor go faster and smoother? What can my support people do to assist me during active labor?

Week 4- 10/2

The pushing stage: What does it look like, sound like, and feel like? What can I do to make this stage go faster and easier? How can my support people assist me during the pushing stage?

Week 5- 10/9 

The golden hour: Those precious moments following birth can set the stage for the next few months and years. How can I make the most of this time with my newborn? What should I expect from my care providers? What can my support people do to help me?

Week 6- 10/16

Breastfeeding 101: How can I get breastfeeding off to the best start? What if things start off complicated, how can we get back on track?

Week 7- 10/23

Preparing my body for labor: What can I do now that will help my labor be easier when the time comes? What are some daily activities that I can do to support my body and baby? What can my support people assist me with me with before labor?

Week 8- 10/30 

Comfort throughout the stages of labor: What positions are best for labor? Let’s practice the most effective positions for maximizing comfort and easing the labor process.

Week 9- 11/6

Problem solving when things go in a different direction: How can I problem solve when things don’t go as planned? How can my support people support me when things don’t go as planned? Can I still progress in labor if I am confined to a labor bed?

Week 10- 11/13

Planning for the postpartum and Breastfeeding 102: What are my resources for when I get home with my baby? Who can help if I need assistance with breastfeeding? What if I’m in need of emotional support?


Full Package of all 10 yoga and all 10 childbirth education classes- $240

You Pick 5 Package (5 yoga classes & 5 childbirth ed classes)- $120

Drop-in Package (1 yoga class & 1 childbirth ed class)- $30

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