Community Acupuncture: “Cure What Ails You”

Sunday, March 17 @ 12:30 – 1:30 PM

Kari Watkins Harvey, licensed acupuncturist of Laughing Lotus Acupuncture is offering a “Cure What Ails You” Acupuncture event at the studio this month. All you have to bring is your current symptom, such as headache, knee pain, low back pain, an emotional issue, or stress. Each participant will have their own mat (feel free to bring your own). Once you are resting comfortably on your mat, Kari will ask what your current symptom is and then chose a set of two points to address your symptom.The points selected will be intended to work on your specific symptom only. The acupuncture session will last 40 minutes, and the cost is $20/person. This is similar to the style of acupuncture known as community acupuncture. Please note that this is by no means a quick fix, but a way to offer you some relief from your symptom in a community based, low-cost setting. There are only 9 spaces available, so register now!

Kari focuses on women’s health issues in her acupuncture practice in Brighton, NY. To understand more about what acupuncture can treat, please check out this extensive list of conditions and ailments.