Nora Doebrich

Nora Doebrich

Nora is a Yoga Instructor, an Art Therapist, a Mindful Based Stress Reduction Practitioner, a Personal Trainer and a mother. Nora believes that we are constantly evolving as humans and each connection we experience, aids in this evolution. She brings a compassionate and warm approach to her classes and seeks to create an environment of acceptance and inclusion.

Nora began her personal yoga practice in 2002, while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. The practice of yoga has positively impacted Nora’s life in countless ways; from making her body stronger and more flexible, to deepening her connection/ understanding of herself and improving her relationships. Nora chose to continue her studies in Yoga, in order to deepen her own practice and to share the gift of yoga with others. She began teaching in 2009 and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 through YogaFit.

Nora has a passion for supporting women during pregnancy and through the transition to motherhood. She has pursued many advanced courses, in order to safely and competently guide women through pregnancy and beyond. She received an additional Prenatal Certification through YogaFit, took an advanced Prenatal Yoga Training with Ashville Yoga Center and completed an online Prenatal Yoga course with Carole Westerman. Nora is also trained in Spinning Babies and BirthFit. All of this allows Nora to bring a holistic and centered approach to her Prenatal Yoga Classes, Couple’s Prenatal Yoga Workshops, Baby and Me classes and Yoga After Loss group (for any mother who has experienced the loss of a child).

Nora is also an Art Therapist who provides individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults. Her private practice office is located at 595 Blossom Rd Suite 315. Nora specializes in supporting women who have experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or in infancy, as well as birth trauma.Nora runs a monthly Yoga for Loss group the 2nd Saturday of each month and a weekly Art Therapy Support Group for Pregnancy and Infant Loss on Thursdays in her office.  If you are interested in learning more about how Nora can support you through these services, please visit

Kasia PelepkoKasia Pelepko

Kasia is a registered yoga teacher who took her first yoga class as part of a five month Hatha Yoga course in 2003. At the end of that first class, as she rested in silence on the mat, she had a glimpse into what it felt like to be really connected to everything. That motivated her to recreate that experience not just on the yoga mat, but in daily life. In 2014, she started teaching yoga at Lake Breeze Wellness in Irondequoit, focusing on giving individual care and attention to the students who showed up in her classes and for private sessions.

In February 2017, she and her partners opened Flower City Yoga in Irondequoit with the motto “all ages, all bodies,” in the hope of making a welcoming space for anyone interested in any of the benefits that yoga offers; physical, mental, or spiritual. Her classes at Flower City share her fascination with the body’s resiliency and capacity to adapt, and the way yoga offers a space to explore this not just through the physical body, but all those layers that make us who we are. She loves teaching mindful movement in all her classes and offering time for stillness to let the movement soak in. She encourages curiosity on the part of each student to explore movement, breath, and the patterns that show up on the mat and in life.

In June of 2018, Kasia graduated from her most recent 200 hour teacher training at Open Sky Yoga Center with Francois Raoult. She continues to learn from a variety of teachers in yoga and other movement modalities. She is grateful to her formal teachers for the continued inspiration, to her students who are also great teachers, and to the practice of yoga, which can be both healing and fun.


Amanda Terrigino Yoga InstructorAmanda Terrigino

Amanda is a certified yoga instructor for all ages and body types. She received her children’s yoga teacher training in 2014 with the children’s yoga program, Kidding Around Yoga. She graduated from Open Sky Yoga Center’s 200 Hour Essential Yoga Teacher training in 2016. She has been teaching for over three years and has participated in countless workshops, seminars, and mentor-ships to enhance her personal practice and teaching.

Years of poor body image and extreme self-judgement led Amanda to seek acceptance and wellness. It was her practice that opened her mind and heart to the limitless tools available to embody love, gratitude, acceptance, and empathy into daily life. Amanda uses her understanding of the body and yoga asana to create a loving space for her students to explore their bodies freely. With a love for meditation, pranayama, and energy healing techniques, Amanda’s approach to teaching offers her students the unique opportunity to learn something deeper about themselves in each class.


Erin Wafer Yoga InstructorErin Wafer

Er began using yoga with children in her first Preschool class as a way to transition them into nap time. It was these young spirits that inspired her to pursue her yoga instructor certification that led to her creation of her business, Stretching Kindness.

She obtained her degree in Psychology and grew a strong interest in play therapy and the curious mind of a child. She implements play into her daily life, and has made it her occupation to nurture the young creative mind, as w
ell as setting free the creative and playful child in each adult she works with.

Er wholeheartedly believes that in order to grow, children need a strong sense of self and a positive body image. When placed in an environment providing positive feedback, love, music, play, movement and more play, children will thrive.
She is a smoothie enthusiast and a lover of writing poetry, blogs, and children’s books. Her intention for each class is to spread kindness & confidence. Through this, she hopes children, teens and adults will develop not only a strong physical core, but an inner one that strengthens their sense of self.

Heidi Murphy

If you see Heidi in class covering one of our regular teachers, please welcome her and thank her for being such a steadfast support to our main team at the studio! Check out her classes on the schedule too: Active Yoga on Sundays and Sweat, Stretch, Restore on Thursdays.

Heidi was first drawn to yoga seeking a way to calm the mind and relieve anxiety. Yoga gave her the tools and the power to help her work in demanding careers and adapt to the intensity of living in New York City for over 14 years. After enjoying the benefit of being exposed to amazing teachers who have positively changed her attitudes and perspectives, she wanted to spread that knowledge and love for Yoga to others. Heidi received her certification in NYC through the Tattva Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Alliance under teachers Keri Setaro and Paula Loose. She continues her education each day, practicing, reading, researching and participating in workshops and classes as she expands her love and knowledge of teaching. Heidi loves to play and have fun in her classes while also helping students to find the connection of breath, mind, and body.