New Moon Supermoon Meditation Series with Kathleen Duggan:

+Divine Masculine: Saturday, 9/28 @ 7:00 – 8:30 PM


Join Kathleen Duggan for the second workshop in this New Moon Supermoon Series at the studio in September for this mystical time of new beginnings to sow seeds of new intention, renew current aspirations, or let a new passion evolve. Kathleen will balance and align your energy systems through Reiki, alongside Heart Lotus energy work, in these magnified supermoon energies. This second workshop will focus on the Divine Masculine energy, which you may be familiar with as yang. Cultivating both the yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies can bring about balance and wholeness. When the feminine and masculine energies within are synchronized, we are more balanced and aligned with our authentic selves. The Divine Masculine Workshop on 9/28 will nourish your power, ability to manifest thought through right action, strength and discernment. The workshop will end with a guided meditation.

Cost: $25

Limited to 10 attendees per session. 

About Kathleen:

Kathleen recently moved back to Irondequoit from Portland, Maine, where she began studying the healing arts in 2013. 
She learned Reiki in response to her desire to heal her anxiety and chronic pain. She is now a Reiki Master of Masters Teacher and Practitioner. Kathleen continued and deepened her skills by studying core Shamanism with Dory Cote and has been selected to begin teacher certification in shamanic studies beginning in 2020. She is certified to teach shamanic
journeying. Kathleen became a certified Heart Lotus evolution Practitioner in 2017. She continues to enhance her practice through continuing education workshops and classes across an expanse of healing modalities. You can find more information about Kathleen at her website here: For more information about the workshop or her work, please feel free to contact Kathleen: 


Phone: 585.259.9083