Releasing the Rib Cage Workshop with Amanda

Sunday, June 9 @ 12:00 – 2:00 PM

Our rib cage protects us, supports us, and provides space for our major organs to take up room within our bodies.


With every breath we take, the rib cage expands 3 – 5 cm. This delicate yet foundational part of our bodies protects our heart and lungs while holding up essential muscles and connective tissue supporting our upper and lower body.


With 60% of our lungs in the back of our body it’s important to understand how the rib cage works in conjunction with every part of the body for the movement of the breath in our day to day.


Most of the time we tend to breathe into our belly, below the diaphragm, where we expand and contract the muscles in the abdomen instead of using the actual capacity of our lungs. Our lungs live inside of our rib cage, so we should be breathing into the rib cage, not the belly!


This workshop will take students through a series of movements and breathing practices to facilitate opening, strengthening, and above all, freedom in the body where it may not have been felt before.


When our rib cage is free to move when we breathe and when we walk and do our daily things, we feel open, spacious, and alive. Walking alone feels like dancing!


This workshop is intended for students who ideally have a home practice or for those who attend regular yoga classes. Established body awareness is important as we dive into the surrounding muscles of the rib cage and dive deeper into concepts of anatomy and movement.


I can’t wait to take this journey with you. To freedom in our rib cage! See you on the mat.


– Amanda