Restorative Yoga & Massage Workshop

Sunday, April 22 @ 12-2PM

Music comes from an icicle as it melts, to live again as spring water. -Henry Williamson

Believe it or not, spring has finally arrived! The temperatures are warming. The snow is melting. The outside world is starting its transformation. Let’s take a cue and begin ours!

Kasia is happy to welcome back Alana Ogurcak, LMT, of Lake Breeze Wellness to the Flower City Studio for our second Restorative Yoga & Massage Workshop! This workshop will encourage some shedding of winter layers by reviving body & mind through deep rest. We’ll begin this endeavor with some gentle yoga poses geared towards awakening & opening up the body. We’ll then move through a series of restorative poses to help open the chest & lungs, rejuvenate the body’s base (our legs & feet!), quiet the mind, & reduce fatigue in general. During the restorative poses, Alana will offer each participant massage therapy to encourage even deeper relaxation.  

You can dress as you would for any yoga class. Wear or bring some layers for extra warmth & comfort, and remember to wear cozy socks too! We always have yoga mats & water available at the studio. If you’d like, we invite you to stay for a warming cup of tea after the practice.

Price: $35/person, limited to 6 people
Time: 120 minutes
Hosts: Kasia Pelepko, RYT, and Alana Ogurcak, LMT

For more information on Alana’s massage services, please visit her here: