Sunday, February 11th @ 11:30 AM – 1 PM

February in Rochester can be rough. This restorative yoga & massage workshop will attempt to counter any winter-induced ills by offering you time in the comfort of our warm studio to really unwind! Although spring is on the horizon, the winter season may have already taken a toll on your body & its systems. Perhaps you’re feeling more joint discomfort. Maybe your energy levels need a boost. And maybe you’re feeling that general tightness that the body assumes from huddling in against the cold & bitter winds of the outdoors. If so, this workshop is for you!

Kasia is happy to welcome Alana Ogurcak, LMT, of Lake Breeze Wellness to the Flower City Studio for this revitalizing workshop. The workshop will begin with a gentle full body joint warm up to encourage joint circulation. Once the body is prepared in that way, Kasia will offer an exploration of some restorative yoga poses that focus specifically on opening the front of the body and a better pathway for the breath to move. Most of the poses will be in a reclining position and all of them will be passive and supported with a variety of props (think blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc.!). While you rest in a pose, Kasia will lead you through some meditative breath work, while also allowing for space & silence. We’ll end the class with a 20 minute long savasana. During savasana, Alana will offer everyone present a mini massage to support the upper body opening encouraged by the restorative poses. Though this is meant to be a quieting practice, we hope you leave feeling well rested and re-enlivened!

You can dress as you would for any yoga class, but bring along a sweatshirt for extra warmth & comfort and maybe some cozy socks! We have yoga mats at the studio if needed. We’ll also have water & tea available afterwards!

Price: $30/person, limited to 6 people
Time: 90 minutes
Hosts: Kasia Pelepko, RYT, and Alana Ogurcak, LMT

For more information on Alana’s massage services, please visit her here: