Restore Before Winter Workshop with Kasia

Sunday, December 16, 6:00-8:00PM 

Our primary mode of relinquishing presence is by leaving the body and retreating into the mind—that ever-calculating, self-evaluating, seething cauldron of thoughts, predictions, anxieties, judgments, and incessant meta-experiences about experience itself. -Maria Popova

This is a workshop that invites you to slow down so you can get reacquainted with your body and breath. The workshop will start with some body awareness exercises to begin “mapping” out the space of your body. These will be followed by a restorative yoga sequence, which will use a variety of props in an effort to support you both physically and mentally. During the restorative poses, Kasia will lead you through some meditative breathing techniques, while also allowing space for quiet.

You will be encouraged to practice most of the poses with your eyes closed, in an effort to begin to wake up your other senses and bring you into a deeper state of bodily awareness. We’ll practice in low light, and Kasia will invite you to use the studio as a refuge of comfort and warmth amidst the dropping temperatures and the hectic pace of the holiday season.

At the close of the workshop, there will be herbal tea, water, and treats (if you’d like!), and each student will leave with a take-home restorative practice sheet and a little gift to encourage the practice of mindfulness, self-study, and the art of slowing down, no matter what the season. 

Please wear comfortable clothing (including socks) to be extra warm and cozy. A mat and your props will be set up for you on your arrival so there’s no need to bring anything to the studio with you. 

Price: $35/person, limited to 6 people
Time: 120 minutes