Spiritual Fitness Workshop 


Yoga has been disseminated through the West as a wonderful exercise regimen to counter our predominantly sedentary lifestyles. This hour and a half workshop is intended to deepen our relationship to our body through focused stillness amongst movement.

When: Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 3:30 to 5:00 PM 

Who will like this workshop: Students who notice their mind is very active. Students who use yoga as a break from the worldly tasks. Individuals trying to develop a home practice but don’t feel like they have time to regularly land on the mat. Anyone who experiences pain or discomfort in the body. Anyone with a body.

Why: This workshop developed in response to my observation that people who are physically fit are naturally prepared for meditation. But how to discipline ourselves and incorporate yoga into our busy lives? I developed this practice with these questions in mind.

What to expect: Some discussion covering principles such as focal points (dristi), and the engagement of muscles (bandhas) through each posture. Longer holds within postures (3-5 rounds of breath rather than moving with each inhale/exhale). This gives students time to turn awareness inwards to embody the principles as well as the asana. A long savasana at the end, and handouts!

Cost: Pre-register for $20. Space is limited to 10 beings.
Register here: https://flowercityyoga.com/schedule

About the Teacher

Asha Sukha founded her yoga business with the vision of infusing daily living with sacred intention. She traveled to India and, upon returning to teach yoga at a fitness center, began synthesizing the ancient principles of yoga for modern bodies and minds. She has guided more than 1,000 hours of classes in the 3 years that she has been teaching, and specializes in adapting postures to make yoga accessible for all. For questions about the workshop, You can contact her at sacred.yoga.and.meditation@gmail.com