Yoga Nidra: Embodied Sleep Workshop with Asha

Sunday, June 30 @ 6:30-7:30 PM 

Asha Sukha will be leading you in this Yoga Nidra workshop. Yoga meaning “to yoke, to unite,” and Nidra meaning “sleep.” Yoga Nidra is a modality that isn’t hatha (movement) yoga, nor is it meditation. It is practiced in savasana, the final posture of most yoga classes – only extended much longer!

It is an intentional, yet spontaneous practice which systematically soothes the body by balancing the nervous system, bringing the practitioner into a state between deep sleep and being fully awake: a hypnagogic state, a super-conscious state of Pure Awareness.

Kevilyn O’Connor, who instructed Asha in this practice, describes it as “relieving us of what does not serve us and planting seeds for and reinforcing what does serve us.”

We will begin with an opening circle to welcome ourselves and each other into the sacred space. We’ll then spend a little time talking about the practice and answering any questions. We’ll take 10 – 15 minutes in grounding and embodiment practices, before landing into a comfortable, fully supported savasana posture. This is where we will get super cozy and spend the duration of our practice (approximately 30 minutes).

Nidra involves a bit of guided relaxation, moving awareness around the physical body (like a mental massage), some effortless focus on the breath, as well as guided imagery and quiet relaxation. You might be awake for all of it, or drift off halfway through!

Half an hour of Yoga Nidra has been found to be the equivalent of an hour’s worth of deep sleep.

You might bring a cozy blanket, and a journal, or simply Yourself.

Pre-register, as spots are limited.

Energy Exchange: $20 per person

About the Guide:

Asha is a continuing educator and a yogini. She found yoga while at university, and soon fell in love with how the practical practices bridged the intellectual and brought her back into her body. She’s since used hatha yoga to recover from a back injury, and yogic meditation practices have been a huge part of her recovery from addiction, body dysmorphia and domestic violence. Her offerings are centered on giving people the tools to embody themselves with love and compassion, wherever they’re at in their journey.